Olympian Love

Some said it was a love envied by the gods,
Some called it a myth, but our story is still said every now and then, passed down in folklores,
You see they said Cupid shot us,
Two hearts, two arrows,
Passionate, erotic love,Orpheus would play the harp anytime we made love,
How fast every touch we made on our bodies sent a message to our brains,
Or was it the work of Hermes?
How we quaked the earth every time our bodies came together,
Angering the earth goddess Gaia,
Mortals would argue that we had Posiedon’s trident,
‘Cause the love we made caused floods on the earth,Olympian love that’s what they called it,
Blessed and cursed by Ares and Aphrodite,
Love so consuming that it was so volatile,
Yet Hera was in agreement with such a unison, and sometimes called it celestial,
They said the three fates had no authority over our destinies,
Seems our love was one too pure for control by deities,
Whispers in the wind of how we changed the seasons,
With every kiss and every touch, this romance they said was treason,
Moon and stars bore witness,
To how we shamelessly laid topless,
Lost in what we shared,
We never realised how much they stared,
Jealously and insecurity, two emotions,
Crept in without our notion,
Anticlimax to our love story.

Not that I needed some form of external validation for my tattoos, but it was along this train of thought that led me to eventually get inked.

anyways, be blessed.

The Bridemiaden’s Wish

All those movies that filled her eyes with tears,
All those songs, with words that beguiled lovers’ hearts,
For these reasons, she stayed up at night,
Till the morning’s first light,
Hoping to wish upon a shooting star,
For the kind of love the martyrs bled for at war,
The very one, that let all the imaginary deities congeal in awe,
For it was without flaw,
Argus-eyed, she hoped she would one day catch the bridal bouquet,
And prayed, that death would not rob her of that day.

We are birthed with one promise, that we will die. And we are given one rule, to survive. So, live until you do so.